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Without the filter of an editor or a presenter, democracy thrives on the stories we tell.

More about what we do?
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A man listening to ai podcast he created at

Here are few examples demonstrating how you can use

Stock Market Review

Receive convenient and clear information about stocks.

Nvidia Stock
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For our visually impaired friends, is a powerful tool  to convert written content from the internet into easily accessible audio form.

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Whether you're a student, teacher, or lifelong learner, can help summarize complex topics or create overviews of new subjects you're exploring.

Special & General
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News Digests

Stay updated with the latest happenings around the world. Enter a news topic and get a brief, comprehensive podcast covering the latest updates.

War in Ukraine
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Get a leg up on your business journey with podcasts on industry trends, startup basics, and more.

Steps for a good
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Dive deeper into your interests, from gardening to gaming and everything in between.

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The Process

Our system uses advanced technologies to create a podcast experience that's as unique as you are. Research illustration.png


First, we take your topic to several data bases and investigate thoroughly to get the best composition. Compose illustration.png


Second, we compile the best content for you according to the chosen subject. Cast illustration.png


For the final stage, we produce a natural and human-like synthesized speech audio file.


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